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:thumb367076083: :thumb367075953: :thumb366663516: :thumb366660767: Ojamajo Doremi Stamp by Tea-Strawberry
:thumb367070591: :thumb364555410: :thumb364555407: :thumb364555402: Motto Stamp by techfreak107
:thumb364555397: :thumb366134563: :thumb364555400: Aikatsu! (Ichigo) by kadp :thumb371677464:
THE iDOLM@STER stamp by hissatsugirl The Idolmaster - Hoshii Miki Stamp by fairlyflawed Yukiho Stamp by YukiLatias IdolMaster by Funsized-Not-Short Sugar Sugar Rune Stamp by HentekoMekura
F2U - Miki - The Idolmaster - Stamp by vvhiskers F2U - Chihaya - The Idolmaster - Stamp by vvhiskers F2U - Iori - The Idolmaster - Stamp by vvhiskers F2U - Azusa - The Idolmaster - Stamp by vvhiskers Sugar Sugar Rune Chocolat Meilleure Transformation by Kagome7326
AKB0048: Nagisa Motomiya Stamp by TinaChii Stamp AKB0048: Oshima Yuuko by HaruNatsu1997 Chieri Sono AKB0048 Stamp by TalithaAnimeDaisuki Love Live School Idol Festival stamp by nooshi-beans SSR: Chocolat Kato by Kaze-yo
Nico Yazawa stamp by nooshi-beans S/mileage Uchouten LOVE Stamp 3 by BeforeIDecay1996 Kana Nishino Stamp by ZinniaSnowdrop Mocha Stamp by Abblecrumble Steven Universe by stampsnstuff
Berryz Koubou Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Stamp Ver 2 by PeppermintPuff Mano Erina Stamp 5 by BeforeIDecay1996 Cinnamoroll Stamp by Abblecrumble
Follow the leader by aeondaycare Buono Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Morning Musume One Two Three Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 C-ute Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 ~Stamp : Yumeiro Patissiere~ by r0x3-28
Kago Ai Koi no Fuga Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Tsuji Nozomi Koi no Fuga Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Kalafina Stamp 2 by BeforeIDecay1996 Fukumura Mizuki Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Cute Pokemon Stamp by morfachas
Sugaya Risako Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Juice=Juice Fan Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 SNSD Sunny Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Kanon Wakeshima Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Kana Nishino Stamp by ZinniaSnowdrop
W Kago Ai Tsuji Nozomi stamp by skelly-jelly Minimoni Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Airi Momoiro Sparkling Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Koharu Kusumi Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996 Skyward Sword: Link and Groose stamp by TiuanaRui
AKB48 Stamp by CorporalOnigiri AKB48 stamp -not mine- by oshimayukoplz AKB48 Stamp by memo--ry Suzuki Airi Stamp 6 by BeforeIDecay1996 Medli Stamp by BeagleTsuin


I don't take requests. If you ask me about them, you will not receive a reply.

Full Body Human Drawing: 400 points or $5 for colored: 40 points or $0.50 for sketch: CLOSED
Half Body Human Drawing: 240 points or $3 for colored: 40 points or $0.50 for sketch: CLOSED
Bust Human Drawing: 160 points or $2 for colored: 40 points or $0.50 for sketch:CLOSED
Head Shot Human Drawing: 80 points or $1 for colored: 40 points or $0.50 for sketch: CLOSED
Chibi: $3 for colored: $0.50 for sketch: CLOSED
*Custom Pony Dress on Mannequin: 160 points or $2: CLOSED
*Custom Pony Dress on Pony: 240 points or $3 for colored: CLOSED
*Custome Human Dress on Mannequin: 160 points or $2: CLOSED
*Custom Human Dress on Character: 240 points or $3: CLOSED
Chibi Icon: 80 points or $1 OPEN
*Dress commission prices may vary depending on if intricate and specific details are requested on the dress.
All cash commissions will be done through paypal (information will be noted to you if this is your payment choice). Please note me if you want a commissions done. It's not mandatory, but it's preferred.


  • Listening to: In Every Nothing by Kalafina
  • Drinking: Water
So I did this thing last year where I did a lot of cash commissions to raise some extra money to visit an old friend in October (It really helped seeing as I don't exactly make enough money to go on extra trips like this one, even worse now that I don't have a job). It worked out relatively well last year and I figured I would do the same thing again this year. Infinite spots are available, but be aware that I will do the commissions as I move down the list. First come first serve. So here's the type of commissions I'll be doing this time around.

1. Please do not rush me. I am also a full time student and I spend a fair amount of time at school. Plus, them midterms are coming up for my half semester classes. All I ask is that you wait at least a week before coming and asking about progress.
2. If there's anything about the drawing you don't like after I post it, please tell me. This is your money, I want you to like it.
3. If you see that you're name is on the top of the progress list and would like to see the progress I've already made, I will gladly show you. All you have to do is ask.
4. All commissions will be paid through paypal. Please note me with information regarding your commission (please be specific. If it involves drawing your character, please give picture references. If it involves super specific colors, please give a color swatch.). Paypal information will be given to you after I have agreed to do the commission.
5. I will not start the commission until I receive payment through paypal. I've been ripped off before so now everybody has to pay upfront thanks to that one guy.
6. Refunds are not available. Please be sure that you truly want to spend this money before paying for it. Paypal takes a small amount of money out every transfer you make to someone else. You wouldn't be getting the full amount of money back and then someone usually gets pissy and it's just a hassle. If you truly need a refund for important reasons, come talk to me. I can see what we can do.
7. About backgrounds: I will not be doing super intricate backgrounds (like scenery). I will only be doing simple ones (like bordered boxes or patterns such as polka dots).

Full Body
Cost: $5
MRA: Summer Unit Dress by VanillaChamaMRA: Furura's School Coord by VanillaChama
Half Body
Cost: $3
Spring Concert by VanillaChamaMaid by VanillaChama
Bust (I don't have that many examples of this. It's basically anything above the waistline.)
My Sweet Love Audition by VanillaChama
Cost: $1.50
MRA: Summer Unit Event- Lunar Eclipse Connecting by VanillaChama
Character Clothing Designs
Cost: $2 per outfit
MRA: Fairy Kei Designs 1 by VanillaChamaSummer Kiss Coords 1 by VanillaChama

Full Body Chibi
Cost: $3
Magical Girl Chibi by VanillaChamaMRA: Chibi Furura by VanillaChama
Partial Chibi
Cost: $2
DS Chibi by VanillaChama

Aikatsu Chibi (Only pose available. Background symbols are changeable. Ask about them)
Cost: $1.50
Chibi Miria by VanillaChamaChibi Furura by VanillaChama
Minimal Chibi (Only pose available. Eye lights come in different shapes, ask me about current options for them)
Cost: $1.50
Tiny Ganguro Girl by VanillaChama



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mimitchi33 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Student Artist
Hi, your art is amazing! And I love Aikatsu, too! I own the My Number One Stage 3DS Game!
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hello just wannted to ask, you use sai? dit you buy the version you have?
VanillaChama Featured By Owner May 17, 2016
I do not use sai. I use gimp.
Chellyy41 Featured By Owner May 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
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Happy birthday! I forgot we had the same birthday~!!
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